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We Are Your Trusted Freight Forwarding Company!

KMM Global Inc. prides itself in offering highly dependable and effective Freight Forwarding services that are specifically designed for fast-growing businesses like yours.
What sets up apart from others is that we masterfully combine dedicated services, competitive rates, and robust software to ensure that you are given the much-needed peace of mind over your supply chain. With the assistance of our cross-functional team of logistics experts, we help our esteemed clients by offering a comprehensive range of end-to-end logistics services such as navigating complex areas of transportation, distribution, customs, and regulatory compliance.
The main focus of KMM Global is not on an individual service offering or product group; instead, our main emphasis is on effectively managing and optimizing the supply chain. All in all, our personalized services comprise sourcing transportation logistics solutions by airfreight, sea freight and domestic trucking with the best routing, competitive rates, reliable service and transit time to achieve goals of our valued clients/partners/agents.

What Do We Offer?

KMM GLobal Inc. Logistic Service


KMM Global offers exceptional partial and full truckload over-the-road freight trucking services to its esteemed clients. We have made a name for ourselves by offering both unparalleled dependability and flexibility with our customized over-the-road trucking solutions. No matter how much your shipment is, we always exceed your expectations with our remarkable access to equipment and capacity to meet your needs. In a nutshell, our professionals match your freight with the right vehicle and the right route. Learn More


There is no denying that international freight forwarding always requires a balancing act between cost, time, and environmental concerns. KMM makes sure its clients don’t have to worry about any issues related to air freight forwarding by providing best quality international commercial air cargo transportation services to and from origins around the world. It goes without saying that we will drive the air freight forwarding process for you from end-to-end while ensuring that a custom solution is provided to meet your needs. Learn More


Due to our strong long-term carrier relationships, we are able to offer secure, flexible, and reliable ocean freight solutions to our clients. Be it general cargo or high-value shipments, we pride ourselves in offering domestic and international ocean shipping options for our clients that are designed to handle the specific needs of their companies. Our sea freight forwarding service is acquired by businesses, small and large, because our solutions are custom-made according to their needs, hence saving their time, money, and resources. Learn More

What You Get With KMM Global Inc.


When you choose KMM Global, it can be said with absolute certainty that you’ll save money for your company/organization. It is because we move high-volume of containers and have a fair knowledge of competitive rates. Our experience in the field also helps us negotiate better or lower terms for your company.


We believe in making everything hassle-free for our clients. We offer flexibility to our clients that come in handy when it is time to deal with unforeseen obstacles or meeting tight deadlines. And the best part is that we have the resources and connections to handle unforeseen circumstances like rerouted shipments or delays.


KMM Global offers you much-needed relaxation in the shipping process. After all, we make sure you don’t have to deal with all the “moving parts” yourself and we do it by taking care of many of the tedious administrative decisions for you. This means that you won’t be bothered with all the time-consuming task of comparing prices, vetting carriers, and negotiating services.


When it comes to international shipping, our reliable, vast network plays a pivotal role. The good news for you is that we have contacts in not only the USA but other countries as well. We have a vast knowledge of customs brokers and forwarding agents in other countries. Due to our extensive network, there will be reduced instances of packages delaying in ports.


KMM Global firmly believes that the best way to manage the financial impact of damage or loss is properly insuring freight that is in conjunction with good physical risk management. That being said, if you do not cargo insurance or air/ocean/domestic move, there is no need to worry because we will provide the needed insurance to make it certain that protection is provided against all risks of physical damage or loss to freight.


Given that cross-border transportation can be really challenging and expensive to navigate for the inexperienced freight companies, we offer our highly dependable services to ensure that you won’t have to face any cross-border transportation issues. We have years of cross-border logistics expertise that enables us to execute impeccable delivery solutions. In addition to all this, we have trusted partners in Canada and Mexico who ensure that everything is done hassle-free and perfectly.


We’ve realized that various incoterms (e.g. FOB, CIF, DDP, DAP) can be confusing to fully comprehend. In order to make sure that your business fully understands a set of rules (Incoterms) by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), we offer free consulting. Visit us for free consulting on incoterms and everything that is related to the responsibilities of sellers and buyers for the delivery of goods under sales contracts.

Trust Us…We Will Never Let You Down!

Given that we deliver globally integrated, tailor-made end-to-end solutions to our valued clients, it has become our habit to deliver results that are guaranteed to exceed our clients’ expectations. Why we are so much confident? Well, let’s just say that we have unwavering faith in our abilities, experience, and connections.